Adventure Green Alaska Program Announces New Members

The Adventure Green Alaska program has awarded 4 new members in the Spring 2022 cohort. AGA- certified companies subscribe to the belief that outstanding businesses can be sustainably operated to benefit employees and visitors, and have voluntarily met standards for certification.

AGA welcomes Alaska Luxury Tours, Alaska Native Heritage Center, Visit Anchorage, and Wrangell Mountain Air as new certified Adventure Green Alaska businesses! Additionally, AGA congratulates the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Alaska Photo Treks, Kodiak Brown Bear Center, Steamboat Bay Fishing Club, and Waterfall Resort Alaska on completing the steps for renewal as AGA-certified businesses!

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AGA Announces Spring 2019 New and Recertified Businesses

Twice each year, AGA receives applications from businesses across the state seeking recognition of their sustainable business practices. These two-year certifications demonstrate businesses’ commitment to their local communities, cultures, and natural areas.We are excited to announce the 20 members of the Spring 2019 cohort.

Re-Certified Businesses
Denali Zipline Tours – since 2016
Discovery Voyages – since 2009
Expeditions Alaska – since 2009
John Hall’s Alaska Cruises & Tours – since 2016
Kayak Adventures Worldwide – since 2010
Spirit Walker Expeditions of Alaska – since 2010
Steamboat Bay Fishing Club – since 2017
Waterfall Resort Alaska – since 2017

Newly Certified Businesses
Alaska Charters & Adventure
Alaska Riverways (Riverboat Discovery & Gold Dredge 8)
Alaska Farm Tours
The Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour
Doyon / Aramark Joint Venture
Doyon Tourism, Inc. / Kantishna Roadhouse
Northern Alaska Tour Company
Prince of Wales Island Excursions Outfitter
Seward Ocean Excursions
Sockeye Cycle Co.
Stampede Excursions
Wings Airways & Taku Glacier Lodge