ATIA Announces Partnership with Adventure Green Alaska

ATIA To Continue Promoting Responsible, Sustainable Tourism Businesses in Alaska ANCHORAGE

The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA), the state’s leading tourism membership organization, is announcing a new partnership with Adventure Green Alaska (AGA). Beginning this month, ATIA and AGA will join forces with the collaborative goal of continuing to promote tourism businesses in Alaska practicing economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Since 2008, AGA has operated as a volunteer, non-profit organization. AGA remains the only certification program for tourism businesses operating in Alaska that meet specific standards of economic, environmental and social sustainability. To date, AGA has certified over 25 businesses that have qualified for a Gold, Silver or Bronze Level AGA certification. AGA has reached this level of success because of the leadership, interest and commitment of Alaska’s tourism businesses.

“ATIA is excited about this partnership with Adventure Green Alaska. ATIA’s Board of Directors and members are dedicated to helping raise the standards and quality of Alaska’s travel industry. We look forward to this moving forward with the AGA program and are committed to working to promote the significance and principles of AGA’s sustainable tourism certification program around our state,” said Sarah Leonard, President and CEO of ATIA.

In a letter to AGA members, AGA’s outgoing Board President Jenni Pollard said, “Thank you for your leadership and commitment to sustainable tourism in Alaska. It has been a pleasure and honor for the AGA board of directors to serve AGA members over the years. The team at ATIA stands ready to take on the important role of recognizing and supporting Alaska’s businesses using social and environmental best practices. We hope you will join us in looking forward to AGA’s next phase.”

AGA will no longer operate as a separate non-profit. Over the next 6-8 months, the AGA program will move into a temporary “hibernation” phase. During this time, AGA board directors will join ATIA members to review and transition the AGA program to ATIA. Before the end of 2015, AGA will be re-launched as an ATIA program to the statewide industry.

Through this partnership, ATIA and AGA will reach a larger audience, improve current certification processes, and increase AGA brand recognition. This partnership will also provide AGA businesses with expanded education and networking opportunities, benefits offered to ATIA members.

ATIA is the leading statewide tourism membership trade association. With over 650 members, ATIA advocates for a healthy tourism industry and promotes Alaska as a premier travel destination. The ATIA team members are experts in the State of Alaska Tourism Marketing program and support tourism business members with education and global networking opportunities.

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