Kayak Adventures Worldwide

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Certified Since: 2010

Dave and Wendy Doughty know they are lucky to enjoy Alaska’s wilderness, and hope that future generations will share this same good fortune. Focusing on the quality of their team and their method of operations, KAW provides sustainable and educational tours with a personal touch. They’ve partnered with Tour Green, Green Star, Adventure Green Alaska, and Leave-No-Trace. They have green purchasing practices, recycling policies, and facilities, and work extensively with the local community. But they know their guides are their biggest asset, so training is a top priority. Guides receive a month of paid training annually, and all hold current WFR certifications. Maintaining a small staff and collaborating with local experts, KAW has found the perfect balance to integrate sustainability, education, high quality service, and personal attention for its guests. Housing all the guides at the shop, KAW minimizes resource consumption while also creating a welcoming and laid back environment.