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We are proud to be a partner in the Denali Zero Landfill Initiative, an effort spearheaded by Subaru of America, Inc. in partnership with the National Park Conservation Association. We are working with the park, our local community, and the greater Alaska travel industry to find recycling solutions in Interior Alaska, bringing Denali to Zero Landfill! #DontFeedtheLandfills

Denali Education Center connects people to Denali through fun, informative, and inspiring programs that build lifelong friendships, lasting memories, and a connection to nature. A for-purpose educational partner of Denali National Park since 1989, we serve visitors and residents with multi-day programs on our 10-acre campus, day programs, field trips, and special events. Through our hands-on explorations in Denali, participants develop a deeper appreciation for the natural world by discovering and investigating one of the world’s most pristine wilderness classrooms. We also offer a variety of fun, educational programs for Alaska youth. Programs range from day camps to multi-day trips and are offered to youth of all ages and abilities, providing opportunities for young people to explore the outdoors along with their peers, teach and practice the principles of Leave No Trace, and incorporate techniques that accommodate different learning styles. When you visit the Denali Education Center, you support our local efforts to provide these summer camps for youth as well as lectures, concerts, and workshops for the local community. Our programs are designed and led by people with a passion for, and an intimate understanding of, Denali. We live here and we love it. Let us show you why.