Gondwana Ecotours


Embark on an unforgettable journey to see Alaska’s mesmerizing Northern Lights! During the day, immerse yourself in Alaska’s culture and natural beauty with our local, expert guides. Experience activities such as dog sledding through picturesque vistas, walking with reindeer in a birch forest, soaking in an outdoor geothermal hot spring, and learning to curl from Fairbanks’ resident players.

By night, enjoy wake-up calls from an Aurora guide who watches the skies to ensure you don’t miss nature’s most bedazzling show. Our Aurora guide shares their expertise and dedication, offering you the best chances to see this breathtaking phenomenon and helping you capture photos once the Northern Lights appear. 

Join us to watch the greatest light show on Earth and discover the wonders of Alaska’s interior!


Experience the quintessential Alaskan summer experience! On our Glaciers & Grizzlies Adventure, join expert guides and witness bears in their natural habitat from a remote National Park. You’ll have the unique opportunity to see these impressive animals up close in Katmai National Park, observing them as they forage for food, interact with one another, and roam the wilderness. 

Other highlights of this adventure include a scenic float plane to Lake Clark National Park and helicopter ride with a glacier landing, glacier dog mushing, fjord and glacier exploration, and more. We’ll search for majestic wildlife, including puffins, otters, sea lions, moose, bald eagles, orcas, and humpback whales against some of Alaska’s most breathtaking landscape views. 

Our Denali Discovery Adventure offers an immersive experience of Alaska’s best-known summer sceneries as you explore the scenic route between Fairbanks and Anchorage. Throughout the tour, you’ll spend time venturing through Denali National Park and beyond, spotting wildlife like moose, Dall sheep, bears, caribou, and more. 

View magnificent sights like snowcapped peaks, glaciers, and mountain ranges during plane and helicopter flights. Admire picturesque vistas during a train ride along the famed Alaska railroad, which offers panoramic views of the rugged landscapes. Enjoy a beautiful float down the Nenana River, admiring the tranquility of the surrounding nature and spotting wildlife along the way. 

During both journeys, you’ll see and experience the pinnacle of Alaska’s natural beauty and discover hidden gems off the beaten path for an unforgettable summer in Alaska!