Bering Sea Crab Fisherman’s Tour

Certified Since: 2019
Bering Sea Crab Fishermen's Tour

Epic Alaska! This is the tour you’ve been waiting for; An unparalleled opportunity to board a genuine crab fishing vessel that has been retrofitted for you in fine style. Fans of the Discovery Channel program, The Deadliest Catch, will know this ship as it was featured during season 2 of the program. It has been redesigned with guests’ comfort in mind and will sail you into the heart of the Alaska you’ve been dreaming of. On this 3-hour adventure you will meet the fishermen that have braved the wild Alaskan seas and hear their tales of survival, adventure and fun! They will pull up a variety of fishing gear from the ocean in their quest for sea stars, octopus, prawns, halibut and of course, a variety of crab. Whatever is caught will be shared with guests who can touch and photograph the incredible live creatures. The eagle viewing encounter is breathtaking as eagles soar and dive within yards of the boat. Photographers from around the world have sought out this tour as it has become legendary for providing that “once in a lifetime” shot. All the while, fishermen will share their knowledge and experiences as you become personally engrossed by their tales, both thrilling and heartwarming. This award-winning tour is not to be missed! It is a top-rated tour on all cruise lines and is one of the most lauded excursions on travel web sites. Customer service is a top priority with this company and guests will not be disappointed.