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Your guide to sustainable tourism in Alaska

Sustainable tourism in Alaska is enjoying a healthy increase in public awareness and popularity. Are you planning a trip to Alaska and looking for tourism businesses that care for the environment, are sensitive to Alaska's Native cultures, and are good community citizens?  Are you an eco-tourism business operating in Alaska?  Adventure Green Alaska (AGA) was created to help you!

AGA is the only certification program for tourism businesses operating in Alaska that meets rigorous, specific standards of economic, environmental, and social sustainability. AGA encourages all tourism-related businesses to evaluate their operations and determine whether they use - or could be using - best management and sustainability practices. Qualifying businesses benefit from certification and marketing, which includes the right to use the AGA logo and participation in AGA promotional activities.

The businesses certified by AGA are leaders in the tourism industry. They are progressive companies that believe that outstanding Alaska experiences can also be sustainable and of benefit to visitors and hosts alike. To learn more about these sustainable tourism businesses or the certification process: